Janelle Monáe | St. Louis | 7.11.18

Monáe has a strong vision and passion for bringing people together and empowering them to accept others as well as themselves. With energy and focus, that version of America feels possible.


Radiohead | United Center | 7.6/7.7

As a diehard, it’s exhilarating. As anything else, it could be extremely frustrating, but again what does a casual Radiohead fan even look like?

It’s Radiohead Week!

I chose the name of my blog from Radiohead's "Pyramid Song". Given that, I thought I'd make a huge deal out of the fact I'm seeing Radiohead not once, but twice next weekend at the United Center in Chicago! I plan to do a full review of what is sure to be an emotional experience,... Continue Reading →

Cannabis and Renting

As someone who has rented part of their house, I would like to discuss legal cannabis use in regards to tenants rights, as well as landlord rights. When it comes to renting in legal cannabis states, all allow landlords to prevent smoking in rental units. That doesn't just apply to tobacco, but any other type of... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Canna….SHHHH!

This will be a new topic I cover from time to time as I expand what I know about the cannabis industry and spread my fingertips to try and support cannabis legalization nationwide. This may be a little rough at first as it's something I've spent lots of time discussing, but not much writing about.... Continue Reading →

Best Musicians of 2017

This will be my first "end of the year" type post. Following this week will be my favourite video games, as well as my favourite television shows! Gorillaz – In Spring 2016, according to an interview on Beats One with Zane Lowe, Pusha T says he was contacted by Damon Albarn about a guest spot on his... Continue Reading →

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