The debate

The presidential debate tonight was rather disappointing honestly. While I do feel that Obama “won” and maybe made the most relevant point of the night, which is simply put, America needs to be better looked upon in the eyes of the world.

The weakest, bullshit part of the debate came in the financial update section, wherein, both Senators seemingly avoided the questions, and couldn’t give a real clear response to how they felt about the government bailout. Watching reaction from pundit, and regular folk alike afterwords, everyone seemed disappointed by this except the campaigns.

In this case, i’ll give them a pass. It’s not fair right not to make them be decisive about something that is very much an ever evolving process.

The best part of the night was watching host Jim Lehrer squirm, like myself, as McCain and Obama both danced majestically around the questions he asked. I loved that he tried to get the candidates to attack each other directly after months of hearing them attack each other via soundbite. The only time this happened was when Obama directly confronted McCain on the war in Iraq. It may turn out to be one of the moments we look back at in November if he wins the election. He certainly held his own.

What did you think? Who “won”? How did you feel Obama did on his assumed weakness of Foreign Policy? What was McCain’s weakest point of the night?


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