Death Cab For Cutie leap up narrow stairs

Death Cab For Cutie Photos “I just realized we didn’t introduce ourselves. How rude - we just barged into your house and don’t introduce ourselves,” observed Ben Gibbard from Seattle Washington’s Death Cab for Cutie four songs into the bands set. The band played their first show at the “fabulous” Fox Theater outside of St... Continue Reading →


Death Cab Coming!

Ah the horrible part of shooting film is the awful gut wrenching wait to see how your pictures actually turned out! I will have the review of the show up by the end of the night, maybe a few pictures! Come back, I promise you won't be disappointed. Here's a set list in the meantime.... Continue Reading →

Thank You John McCain

Just wanted to throw this out there. Today I saw the McCain I actually used to like, the John McCain who would defend Mexican immigrants when people at his rallies for senator would make racist statements. Today we saw the honorable McCain, who is being torn apart by his own morals, and the GOP's lack... Continue Reading →

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