Death Cab Coming!

Ah the horrible part of shooting film is the awful gut wrenching wait to see how your pictures actually turned out! I will have the review of the show up by the end of the night, maybe a few pictures! Come back, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Here’s a set list in the meantime.

Death Cab For Cutie – Fox Theater 10/13/08
“Bixby Canyon Bridge”
“The New Year”
“Why’d You Want to Live Here”
“Crooked Teeth”
“Long Division”
“Grapevine Fires”
“A Movie Script Ending”
“Company Calls”
“Title Track”
“Soul Meets Body”
“I Will Follow You Into the Dark”
“I Will Possess Your Heart”
“No Sunlight”
“The Sound of Settling”
“Marching Bands of Manhattan”

“Your Bruise”
“Title and Registration”
“Tiny Vessels”


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