Death Cab For Cutie leap up narrow stairs

Death Cab For Cutie Photos

“I just realized we didn’t introduce ourselves. How rude – we just barged into your house and don’t introduce ourselves,” observed Ben Gibbard from Seattle Washington’s Death Cab for Cutie four songs into the bands set.
The band played their first show at the “fabulous” Fox Theater outside of St . Louis University on October 13sth, 2008.
Starting up the night were fellow Washtonians, Fleet Foxes, who brought a greatly folksy quartet feel to the show, often with all four band members lending vocals.
During their set the theater itself seemed to draw more of their attention than the music with lead singer Robin Pecknold noting that it “looked like Citizen Kane’s house”, a “Tomb Raider set” as well as noting that he would love to live there.
While Pecknold, along with the most of the band, resembled as a fellow crowd member so elegantly put it, “someone I’d pick up on the side of the road,” the band sounded like an staggeringly good harmonized choir.
The short break in between bands ended quickly as the lights went down and the main attraction strolled onto the stage.
Death Cab for Cutie opened up with “Bixby Canyon Bridge” from 2008s’ “Narrow Stairs“. The song is the closest to being a wall of sound as it gets from a band known for quiet melodies, and modest, dark lyrics.
Though the entire band seemingly was having a good time and immediately kicked into what would be a great set, lead singer Gibbard opened with some technical problems which took the entirety of “Why’d You Want To Live Here” to fix.
Gibbard joked afterwards, “Is it okay at a rock concert to ask for a do over?” Though he later followed up that he thought we (the crowd) got the just of the song.
The crowd however didn’t exactly jump to their feet, perhaps due to the luxurious Fox Theater seating they were enjoying.
However, by the time the band kicked into “Soul Meets Body” off of 2005s’ “Plans” the crowd was fully enthused and ready to dance.
The band obliged with feet movers off the new cd. “I Will Possess Your Heart”, “Cath…”, and “No Sunlight” all got the crowd moving with bassist Nick Harmer and drummer Jason McGerr becoming well seasoned beat bringing professionals, who know there role in the band well.
The band seemed especially in good spirits with Harmer leaning down to the front row before “Possess” and saying “watch this, it’s going to be awesome” before launching into the opening bassline. At one point Gibbard also greeted a group of fellow flanners wearers with high fives all around.
Everything man Chris Walla switched between keyboards, guitar, backup singing duties and was a sort of spokesman for the band along with Gibbard.
Gibbard reached deep to find his most humble self possible for previous single “I Will Follow You Into the Dark”, as well as set closer “Transatlanticism”, with his voice ringing clear “I need you so much closer”, seemingly pouring out every ounce of heart he had left on the stage.
As the band left the stage, setting off for opening gigs with Neil Young in the following days, the crowd little by little walked up the stairs of the Fox and into the chilly fall air, seemingly hitting harder and fresher than ever before.


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