Top 25 Songs of the Year

Albums of the Year

So out of pure boredom, and not that anyone cares, but here’s my skewed and offbase opinion on what was not good, but great in the last 12 months.

25.  To Build A Mountain – The Matches – If you don’t listen to this band you should check them out, not only are they great musicians/artists, but they actual are this good live, if not better.

24. Spaceman – The Killers – Wasn’t a fan of this album in general, but this song brings possibly the nuttiest musician to date cough cough, Brandon Flowers, cough cough, to the the forefront of what he should keep doing!

23. Echoplex – Nine Inch Nails – Not only was this song released absolutely free of charge as a thank you from Trent, it’s also better than almost all the music that came out this year. So let’s go over that again, 1. FREE! 2. Amazing!

22. Great Expectations – The Gaslight Anthem – Springsteen meets Rise Against. I look forward to watching this band taking off.

21. The Kelly Affair- Be Your Own Pet – It’s truely saddening to see a band with legitimate skills and talent disband, while so many awful bands manage to stick around. However, I am pleased that they managed to push out a great record with this powerful, party song.

20. Beautiful – 10 Years – This is one alternative band that may forever get stuck around bands like Seether, Breaking Benjamin, and the like, and there’s noting wrong with that, but they deserve to break out of that mold, and this song is a great example.

19. Come All You Weary – Thrice – Oddly enough in going through so many genre’s Thrice seem their most at home without one. I personally love lead singer Dustin Kensrue’s acoustic material, so that combined with the rest of the band made this song great.

18. Why Do You Let Me Stay Here – She & Him – I would gladly take Zooey off her shelf any day, and M. Ward adds his own touch to make for a great combination of her candy cane sweet vocals and his musical genius.

17. Love is Noise – The Verve – It’s awkward sounding, and don’t give up too soon. Richard Ashcroft kicks in to show that he is still one of the best vocalists out of the British Invasion of the 90s’.

16. Carolina Drama – The Raconteurs – Drama is the key word here, Jack White could sing about anything and make it interesting, but this southern murder tale is sweet listening.

15. Gamma Ray – Beck – This song sounds like it jumped off a melting Antarctic beach party.

14. The Day That Never Come – Metallica – This song is epic Metallica, that’s never a bad thing.

13. Better – Guns N’ Roses – This album was not worth the wait, but this song highlights that Axl still has the vocal ability to make a song cuts to the core of something that I can’t quite figure out.

12. I’ve Seen Enough – Cold War Kids – The new album from this SoCo band is a much denser listen, but absolutely worth it, and this one starts off slow but quickly kicks in with the bands quirky take on blues and indie music.

11. Northern Downpour – Panic at the Disco – Beatles meet Fall Out Boy, makes for an intriguing sound, and one that I can’t stop listening to.

10.  Mykonos – Fleet Foxes- Gorgeous synchronized vocal’s make this band unique, and really act as a musical instrument over the guitar part.

9. Love Lockdown – Kanye West – Best drum part of the year by anyone, though i’m not all that into rap, this song is irresistably depressing.

8. Lost! – Coldplay – I couldn’t help it, I wanted to, but I just can’t this song has one of the best beats of the year by an alternative band.

7. Sex on Fire – Kings of Leon – Not the most deep song lyrically, but sometimes things need to be said simply, and with a great simple guitar part, this song is all about straightforward rocking, in and out of bed.

6. Kids – MGMT – Best new band, easily. This song, like all of their other songs are completely different than anything anyone else is trying to do right now.

5.Pork and Beans – Weezer – Classic Weezer, with nonsensical lyrics about standing against the norm and kicking ass while doing it.

4.Goliath – The Mars Volta – Thomas Pridgen, the Mars Volta’s new drummer, impressed me, possibly, more than any other musician this year.

3. G.L.O.W. – Smashing Pumpkins – Billy Corgan is back and taking no prisoners. New bassist Ginger Reyes kicks in with a bass solo that shakes the floors of what you thought the Pumpkins were becoming, and simply destroys it.

2. Strange Times – Black Keys – Foot pounding catchy, this song, and album made my year. It is one of the most powerful songs of the year musically.

1. Grapefire Vines – Death Cab For Cutie – This track is absolutely beautiful, melodic, and you can’t help but get sucked in to the lyrics. The fact that the song end’s with a incomplete thought makes it all the better and more appropriate for a song about California fires.


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