Muse – 3.15.10 Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, TN

Few bands put on a more bombastic arena show than Muse. The rest of the world has been well aware of this for years, now North America is catching on as to why. For “The Resistance Tour 2010” the band has brought along every arena tool in the big book of rock history including a mind blowing amount of lasers, skyscraper like rising platforms, led screens, and the most important part… big arena-worthy rock songs.

Before they would get their chance to light up Bridgestone Arena however, L.A. based Silversun Pickups brought a good mix of fuzz-filled rock. When lead singer Brian Aubert wasn’t busy playing intense 90s-esque songs like recent single, “Substitiution” or 2006 breakthrough “Lazy Eye”, he filled the rest of the 45 minute set entertaining the crowd with his excitable style of humor, which saw him begging the crowd not to look the Muse lead singer, Matt Bellamy, in the eyes. Later in the set he sported a stylish pair of AC/DC style flashing devil horns that he had borrowed from a fan in the front row.

Nothing, however, was more of a test of patience than watching Bellamy’s unique Manson guitar’s brought to the stage for sound check as they flashed behind the curtain surrounding the ominous skyscrapers. Nearly 45 minutes passed between sets before the lights when down and Muse arrived onstage to alternative rock hit “Uprising”. It was at this point that the arena lost it. As the words “They will not control us / we will be victorious” flashed across the towers, there was a palpable sense of a literal uprising of the spirits of everyone in attendance.

The band did choose, however, not to stick with material off The Resistance, as only three songs into the set the band would kick into “New Born” off of 2001’s Origin of Symmetry. Slowly being lowered to the stage as lasers covered nearly everyone in the crowd (literally!) few noticed the bands new location until Bellamy did a knee slide to the front of the stage playing the songs opening riff.

Rock star moves were the usual more than a rarity on the night as the band were in usual top-form. Bassist Chris Wolstenholme only stopped head banging for occasional back-up vocals as well as a harmonica solo. Joining Wolstenholme for an extended mid-set duet, was drummer Dominic Howard who did an amazing job of keeping the beat during the hour and forty minute set. Though the band have a very set song list on this tour, they do a good job of making it feel fresh and slightly improvised with several extended solos and jam sessions.

Following the incredible main-set ender in “Plug In Baby,” which featured confetti-eyeball balloons and knee slides galore, the band returned for a three song encore. The first of these was “Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1” from The Resistance which, despite it’s epic sound, was the only song the band could play from the three part symphony due to lack of a full orchestra. The band chose instead to end with the last song on 2006’s Blackholes and Revelations, “Knights of Cydonia.” The song maybe the band’s ending song for a long time as, though it’s possible, it’s hard to imagine the band coming out with a better ending moment than the entire crowd shouting, “No one’s going to take me alive!”.

The band is rumored to be planning a fall 2010 North American tour, which would seem plausible considering they are only playing 24 dates on the first tour in support of The Resistance. If they do come back for round two, you will be missing the top arena rock tour of 2010 by not attending


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