Gruesome Twosome 10.07.10

It wasn’t quite Halloween yet though you wouldn’t have known it from the inside of the Family Arena on October 7th. The two greatest shock-rockers of all time  took to the stage in front of “the smallest crowd of the tour” according to Rob Zombie.

Opening up for the show would be Slipknot/Rob Zombie drummer Joey Jordison and the Murderdolls. The band, lead by Wednesday 13, did their absolute best to warm up a crowd that was still not liqueured-up enough to fully engage in the otherwise very entertaining opening performance.

Alice Cooper took to the stage next and would show the other acts the true meaning of shock-rock with his “Theater of Death”. I can only imagine what it was like to see Cooper in his prime as even now he fully engulfs the stage with his presence. His backing band does an incredible job of keeping up and still interacting with  crowd while making sure Cooper was in the spotlight.

Alice Cooper brought the old-school but Rob Zombie brought the old (White Zombie classics) and many tracks from his newest effort Hellbilly Deluxe 2.

Coming out like a metal version of the Flaming Lips Zombie quickly coated the floor with a thick layer of confetti that would later be topped with an immense amount of what were seemingly feathers.


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