New Music | 10.28.2016

This week is a little slow as far as new albums are concerned. We have Mayer Hawthorne releasing Party of One. The short EP features three songs that get funky. “Time For Love” sounds like something Jamiroquai could have released in the 90s, and that is absolutely a good thing. Synthpop group Empire of the Sun come out with Two Vines that will absolutely get you dancing, and should be a hit at all the music festivals next summer (here’s looking at you Bonnaroo).

We have two new Christmas albums (yes, already) from Jimmy Buffet and country starlet kacey-musgraves-christmas-album-coverKacey Musgraves. They both features covers of all those songs you’ll be hearing in every store in the next few weeks. Musgraves album has some great guest spots with Willie Nelson joining in for “A Willie Nice Christmas” and Leon Bridges on “Present Without a Bow”.

On the singles front we have Drake with, “Two Birds, One Stone” which sounds more like a stream of consciousness than actual song. AFI spring back to life with “Snow Cats”, which is not a Christmas song, but a promising look into their next album. Lead singer Davey Havok is on form with a familiar cadence and a song that sounds like it could have been a b-side from Decemberunderground.

A new single from Charli XCX, “After the Afterparty” and new album from Tove Lo, Lady Wood wrap things up in fun fashion that no doubt will get much play in 16 year olds vehicles everywhere. | Bruce Matlock


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