Best Video Games of 2017


Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Let’s call this the game this year that most took me back to childhood. Not that BotW is an easy game by any means, it definitely holds a fair number of challenges. It inspired in me something that I hadn’t felt in some time, like playing Donkey Kong Country for the first time. The graphics were not what many had hoped for, but given the history of the Zelda series and Nintendo itself, that should hardly have been a surprise to anyone. Content released since hasn’t really added much replay value for myself personally, so I knock it a bit for that and for not being able to explore the world post-final boss.

Super Mario Odyssey – Again, Nintendo killed it with the core classic this year as the Switch console released. The future of the console will rely heavily on new Metroid Prime titles, as well as a new Zelda game supposedly already in the works. Still, I’ll be working my way through Odyssey for some time into 2018. I haven’t yet completed the main story, but I already know for every power moon I find, there are probably 4 that I haven’t.


Horizon: Zero Dawn – Looking from a purely adult perspective, Horizon was my favourite game of 2017. It was beautiful roaming through the aftermath of the robocalypse in the American Northwest. I had as much fun finding things like Red Rocks Amphitheater and various National Parks landmarks as I did hunting for racoon bones and turning various robotic animals to do my work for me. New DLC addition, Frozen Wilds has added a significant amount of value in the form of a storyline and new weapons/outfits to take into the larger world.


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