It’s Radiohead Week!

I chose the name of my blog from Radiohead’s “Pyramid Song”. Given that, I thought I’d make a huge deal out of the fact I’m seeing Radiohead not once, but twice next weekend at the United Center in Chicago! I plan to do a full review of what is sure to be an emotional experience, especially considering this is replacing my usual summer music festival.

So for this post, it made sense to do the ten songs I most hope to hear. I could probably do 50, but for the sake of your time and mine, we’ll stick with 10.

  1. Lucky, OK Computer (1997) –   This song always feels like the perfect arena-rock song to me. Something about being surrounded by thousands as the warm lights wash over you. Plus, this is a song about change and my life has been full of that this year.
  2. Just, The Bends (1995) – I’ve been going through a bit of a rough time post-graduation sorting out my place in the world. This song has given me a sort of catharsis throughout my life.
  3. Decks Dark, A Moon Shaped Pool (2016) – I just think this is a great song. Lyrically it makes me think of those times where all you can do is laugh at your circumstances because that’s all there is to do. It also has this groove once the song really gets going that makes you want to close your eyes and feel it.
  4. Give Up the Ghost, The King of Limbs, (2011) – This is a song that has grown on me recently. it reminds me that I’ll never move out of the past because it made me who I am. It brings a feeling of acceptance of my past, mistakes and all.
  5. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, In Rainbows, (2007) – I listened to this song driving through Zion National Park, and those visuals and this song will always be linked in my head. Doesn’t really connect much to the lyrics, but the beauty of the song went with it well.
  6. Reckoner, In Rainbows (2007) – The percussion the band brings to the table for this one makes it something to behold live. “Because we separate, like ripples on a blank shore, in rainbows.” I mean… yeah. Enjoy what we’ve got.
  7. The Gloaming, Hail to the Thief (2003) – I like watching Thom dance, and the lights are normally really bewitching.
  8. Pyramid Song, Amnesiac (2001) – Obviously this one. Death has never been something I feared. I like the idea of being greeted by everyone I’ve ever loved.
  9. Idioteque, Kid A (2000) – Pencil this one in under the arena song category. Kid A is probably my second favorite album behind Queens of the Stone Age’s Songs for the Deaf, so I had to include something off of it, though it was a difficult choice.
  10. Planet Telex, The Bends (1995) – Another of my favorite albums… this is such a wonderful first song. I didn’t get to see Radiohead until the In Rainbows tour,  but I imagine this was a great setlist opener in its time. Besides, it hasn’t been played much since 2012.

Wow. That was difficult. So many songs. Which is why I decided to load up the credit card to get night-two tickets as well. The band is famous for changing things up over the course of multiple nights, so I doubt I’ll feel the regret that I have for seeing bands more than one night in a row in the past.


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