If you’re here. You want to know more about me!

I am a thirty-something trying to find out where I fit in as a soon-to-be college graduate of Southeast Missouri State University. I am a public relations major with a minor in recreation administration.

My problem is that I have so many passionate interests and hobbies that I am not quite sure where I should head career-wise. Here, you’ll see me writing about politics, music, and more recently I’ve decided to write about cannabis laws and use. Why? Because I plan to move to Colorado shortly after graduation and I’ve seen how much cannabis has helped people in my life. As someone with frequent severe anxiety, my life would be significantly improved by realistic cannabis laws.

I hope if you’re looking at this page you find yourself learning something, laughing or seeing how someone feels about your favorite band. If you’re looking to potentially hire me, I hope that you focus on the heart behind my writing as much as the content. This blog won’t always be 100% grammatically correct as much of what I write is a bit stream of consciousness, but I do my best!

Okay, as far as myself as a person. I’m a Game of Thrones addict and consider myself extremely knowledgeable if you need a trivia partner. Concerts are my main form of stress relief and intend on being a frequent visitor to Red Rocks. I love our National Parks and intend on visiting them all before this life is over. I have no children, but a fur child named Ember, and a fiance named Julia whom I’ll be marrying in May of this year at in Grand Canyon National Park.

Welcome to my life.

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