The New Ticketmaster Presale Scam

Over the past few months, and particularly¬†the past few weeks, I've noticed a new trend among new bands releasing albums and pitching them via Ticketmaster. It began as a bonus for buying tickets. As if the band appreciated you attending their show so much that they'd treat you to their new album free of charge.... Continue Reading →


Best Week of New Music This Year

On top of long anticipated releases from Lorde, Royal Blood, Fleet Foxes and Portugal. the Man; we also had new singles from some unsuspecting parties.

Update 2009

Just wanted to stop in and let you all know how quickly things are moving for me right now. As you can see on the side I have several shows coming up, as well as an interview with a member of Seether sometime before the end of the month. I will also be writing concert... Continue Reading →

Top 25 Songs of the Year

So out of pure boredom, and not that anyone cares, but here's my skewed and offbase opinion on what was not good, but great in the last 12 months. 25.¬† To Build A Mountain - The Matches - If you don't listen to this band you should check them out, not only are they great... Continue Reading →

Update 12.08.08

I just added The Smashing Pumpkins review as well as the Mudvayne review to the concert review page, that is the officail version that was printed in the paper, as well as Tyler Rendleman's review of the Rise Against show which is a great read as well. No shows really coming up in the near... Continue Reading →

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